Shinwa Giken Corporation

Shinwa Giken Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of parts feeders. We also manufacture image processing inspection devices, perform plant-wide automation, and offer various other products and solutions.

Shinwa Giken Corporation - A Japanese manufacturer of parts feeders

Shinwa Giken Corporation
A Japanese manufacturer of parts feeders

Shinwa Giken is putting in extra efforts to increase the export sales of parts feeders. Our company now has customers all over the world, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, as well as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.
We also handle packing and arranging for transport for export shipments.
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A presentation of Shinwa Giken's products, business activities, and contact information is provided below.

Parts feeders

Parts feeders are devices that supply a wide variety of parts for electronic components, and in fields of automotive, pharmaceutical, and food products in assembling, packaging, inspecting, and other similar operations.
It performs this task by using vibration to arrange the parts in a fixed position and line them up using an attachment. At Shinwa Giken, craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in tool technology perform orientation processing by selecting the appropriate vibrating parts, balls, etc., while devising countermeasures against noise, static electricity, and other issues.

Return feeder 01

Return feeder 02

Return feeder 03

Return feeder

"Conventional drum feeders do not work well in lining up and ejecting small articles." "Circular feeders occupy lot of space." To solve this issue, parts feeders are the most suitable devices because of their advantages such as low cost, less space requirement, specialized lining up and ejection ability of small articles such as medicine tablets, screws, and bolts. We can also install hoppers (stockers).

Low-cost parts feeder with splicing mechanism 01

Low-cost parts feeder with splicing mechanism 02

Low-cost parts feeder with splicing mechanism 03

Low-cost parts feeder with splicing mechanism

This is a low-cost parts feeder fitted with a splicing mechanism.
This feeder can be used in many industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, and food products.
Moreover, it is available at a reasonable cost and can be used for an array of parts, thereby providing an excellent cost performance.

Beverage cap feeder with counter 01

Beverage cap feeder with counter 02

Beverage cap feeder with counter 03

Beverage cap feeder with counter

The objective of this parts feeder is to enable automatic feeding of multi-capper PET bottle plastic caps. It can be used to line up and eject caps of both carbonated and hot beverages PET bottles. Then, the caps can be fed into cappers, filling equipments, etc. At that point, the counter attached to the feeder counts the number of parts fed. It can thus be used for production adjustments, etc.

Automotive parts feeder with soundproof cover 01

Automotive parts feeder with soundproof cover 02

Automotive parts feeder with soundproof cover 03

Automotive parts feeder with soundproof cover

A major problem of parts feeders is noise. To eliminate noise, parts feeder is almost entirely encased by a soundproof cover. The soundproof cover can be adjusted to fit the installation environment, part types, part characteristics, and soundproofing standards by changing the thickness of the cover.

Parts feeder with image processing inspection device

Parts feeders with an image processing inspection device utilize image processor (using images taken from a camera) to accurately and automatically sort out bad parts, and then, line up and eject only good parts.
Sorting methods for bad parts are selected from the type of inspection (inner diameter, interior deformation, abnormal shape, etc.) that is optimal for the check items and properties of the parts.

Foreign material inspection machine

Foreign material inspection machine

The image processing inspection device utilizes image processor (using images taken from a camera) to sort out and separate bad parts marked with a black point, and then, lines up and ejects only good parts into the parts feeder. It can also be used for various other non-plastic parts (partial replacement type).

Machine for inspecting pipe surface damage

Machine for inspecting pipe surface damage

This device inspects the damage inside pipes (parts) using a camera across the entire perimeter, and then, sorts (distinguishes between) bad and good parts. Inspections performed previously involved visual inspections by operators, which can now be performed automatically by incorporating an image processing inspection device in the parts feeder.

Automatic parts supplying device

An automatic parts supplying device not only performs the lining up and ejection functions of a parts feeder but also integrates next process functions such as splicing and positioning of parts. Integrating all processes leads to an increased operating efficiency as a result of the improved operating stability as well as less space requirement.

Automatic bottle weight checker 01

Automatic bottle weight checker 02

Automatic bottle weight checker 03

Automatic bottle weight checker

This is an inspection device equipped with a temperature measuring mechanism. It supports both beverage bottles and steel cans.
It performs weight deviation assessments, automatic temperature measurements, and other functions after automatic filling.
It is appropriate for saving power required for measuring devices in laboratories.

Processed parts' outer diameter inspection device

Processed parts' outer diameter inspection device

This inspection device uses a combination of sensors instead of a camera, because camera is one factor that drives up the price of automatic inspection machines, to inspect the outer diameter of parts. Another factor for achieving low cost is the use of a minimum number of parts in the device's construction.

Shinwa Giken's other business activities

We also install optional parts, provide maintenance service, and sell pre-owned parts feeders.

Parts feeder options

We handle many parts feeder options such as emergency stop buttons, LCD counters, buzzers, and "patrol-car style" flashing lights.

Parts feeder maintenance

We identify and repair parts feeder malfunctions and problems such as performance decline due to the wear of parts, frequent momentary stoppage, clogging, and tact delay caused by slower line up speeds. Shinwa Giken willingly maintains parts feeders made by other manufacturers.

Sales of pre-owned parts feeders

Shinwa Giken provides not only new parts feeders but also pre-owned parts feeders. We also perform carry-over and retrofitting of our pre-owned parts feeders to maintain low costs. We can also perform carry-overs of parts feeders that you possess.

Contact Information

For any queries, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details are given below:

Shinwa Giken Corporation

Postal Code 273-0044
Chiba Prefecture Funabashi-city Gyoda 1-30-29 JAPAN
TEL: 047-406-6121, FAX: 047-407-4026
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